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30 Jan 2013

Baroness Sally Greengross, Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ageing and Older People, welcomed the report, saying: “Giving a clear picture of the care provided in residential homes has never been more important.  Your Care Rating intends to make sure that residents themselves have a strong voice in evaluating their own care, giving feedback to providers in a safe, confidential way and identifying the areas where improvements can be made.

“Your Care Rating ensures residents have a say, adding a direct, personal perspective to the information already available on the way individual homes comply with essential care standards.
“This trial survey has provided an initial view of how residential care is perceived.  From September 2013, when at least 100,000 places will be targeted for inclusion in the largest ever survey of residential care, Your Care Rating will publish home by home results, to help those families considering residential care to make an informed choice, and to drive continuous improvement by care home providers in the areas that residents themselves think most need improving.”

Care providers representing more than 45,000 residents in over 850 care homes have participated in the trial survey. Nearly 14,000 responses, from 791 care homes, were received.
The report shows that:

96% of participants are satisfied with the overall standard of their care home, with  more than three in five (62%) very satisfied;

92% of participants agree they are happy living at their care home, with 3% disagreeing;

While 97% of residents agree that staff at their care home treat them with kindness, dignity and respect, a lower proportion (86%) agree that staff always have time to talk to them, with 8% disagreeing; and

There is room for improvement in how much say residents have in how care is provided, with a lower proportion of participants (83%) agreeing that they have a real say in how staff provide care and support.

Ipsos MORI Chief Executive, Ben Page, said:

“One of the times when people are most vulnerable is in later life – this new study gives robust information about how residents themselves perceive standards of residential care in the UK, and we hope can be part of changes to drive up standards.”

“Ipsos MORI’s work in 2012 for Your Care Rating developed the first standard set of questions to be used in a consistent way across the care sector, giving residents the opportunity to be heard and prospective customers good information on which to base their care decisions.”

“We look forward to working with Your Care Rating to roll this survey out on a much bigger scale this year.”

The survey recognises the importance of evaluating whether residents would recommend their home and includes a question aligned to the Friends and Family test increasingly being used in health services.

Participation in the September survey is open to all residential care providers, regardless of size.  

Douglas Quinn, Chairman of specialist care development and construction partners Castleoak, said:

 “Providing older people with the opportunity to give an authoritative view on the quality of care in residential homes is a vital step forward.  A survey covering 100,000 places – more than a fifth of total residential places in the UK – is an ambitious but hugely worthwhile target, and I would urge all care home providers to participate and contribute to both quality and transparency across the sector.”

A total of 13 national and regional organisations have signed up to the initiative, including those from the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. They are Anchor, Avante Partnership, Barchester Healthcare, Borough Care, Care UK, Community Integrated Care, Coverage Care, The Fremantle Trust, Greensleeves Homes Trust, Guinness Care and Support, HC-One Limited, Methodist Homes and The Orders of St John Care Trust.

Journalists wanting more information can contact: Kelly Mortlock at Grayling on 020 7025 7586.

Notes to editors:
The Your Care Rating Survey was carried out by Ipsos MORI during September and October 2012, using a postal ‘pack distribution’ approach. The survey was conducted using materials and processes developed through an extensive scoping stage by Ipsos MORI, in conjunction with Your Care Rating.

For each care home involved in the survey, a copy of the questionnaire was sent for every registered bed to ensure an opportunity for all residents to take part in the survey. Questionnaires were distributed to all residents who could give informed consent and care home staff were encouraged to help residents find some assistance to complete the questionnaire where necessary (for example, engaging a relative, friend or volunteer to assist the resident). Care home staff themselves were clearly instructed not to be involved in helping to complete the questionnaire.

A total of 13,886 completed questionnaires were returned to Ipsos MORI, providing robust and accurate sector wide data.

The Friends and Family Test is a question that seeks to determine whether service users would recommend the services they have used to their friends or family. This form of question is undergoing review and will be rolled out across many NHS services in April 2013. The Your Care Rating Survey asked participants to rate out of 10 how likely they would be to recommend their care home if somebody they knew needed similar care. A total of 59% responded either nine or ten out of ten that they would recommend their care home. Around one in seven (14%) gave a score of between zero and six.

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