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Do we have the time to really listen… and hear?

26 Apr 2016

Are we really listening to what our residents are telling us about their care? Do we really hear what they have to say and ultimately do we truly act on what we are being told? 

Many recent reports, including the Your Care Rating Survey, suggest that residents are seeking more time to talk, express their feelings and feel connected with those providing their care. The demands placed on our staff, however, often results in them simply being too busy to spend quality time with residents… so who is really listening to them?

Creating space for people to share their thoughts and opinions when time is poor is essential in our sector. We face external pressures every single day, from the CQC or local authorities for example, as well as dealing with the day-to-day care of our residents. These pressures result in carers being unable to spend time with residents to simply talk, listen and provide companionship.

Many individual care homes try to run an annual survey of  their residents’ thoughts and opinions but again, external pressures on time and resources often leads to organisations bowing out after a year - hence again failing to listen to their residents.

Your Care Rating, a not-for-profit organisation, can ensure that this doesn’t happen. Our national Residents’ Survey allows you to build an annual profile of your residents’ needs and opinions, both in term of quantifiable data and verbatim responses, enabling you to track progress, build relationships and tailor the care you provide to meet the specific needs of  your residents. With the worry of running an internal survey removed from your day-to-day pressures, Your Care Rating ensures your residents are really heard and their opinions recorded.

Why should you join Your Care Rating? We will provide you with detailed, tailored independent survey results, all conducted through leading research company Ipsos MORI which is responsible for the administration of the survey as well as collating the results and compiling the Annual Report. Its reputation and experience in running surveys ensures results are as objective as they can be and based on the true opinions of the residents as opposed to that of the staff or relatives. 

Going forward, however, following a pilot survey late last year, we will also be looking to run a similar project for relatives, giving a more, rounded in-depth picture of care in each home. A 50% response rate was achieved in the pilot and we will be offering the relative survey this year alongside the resident survey.

For further details please visit our website and to discuss how you can be involved please contact Shital Patel on

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