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The survey

This is the UK’s largest and most authoritative independent national care home resident satisfaction survey – please help us to make it a success.

The survey is an opportunity for you, the residents, to have your say. Participating care providers are committed to delivering the highest quality of care and customer service, and will use the feedback to improve the services they provide.

The results will also provide valuable information for people who are looking for the best care home for them or their loved ones.

If your care home isn’t taking part in the Your Care Rating survey, why not ask them to take a look at this website or contact us so that we can send them some information about Your Care Rating.

Alongside the survey of residents, a survey of family and friends has been running since 2015/2016, starting with a pilot survey with a select group of providers in the first year. This is an exciting opportunity to hear a range of perspectives, inviting relatives and friends to give their views on the care their loved one receives. More information can be found on the Family & Friends page


Your questions answered

What is Your Care Rating?

Your Care Rating is an independent survey of care home residents being conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of care home providers in the UK. The survey has been designed in conjunction with providers, care homes and residents, with the first survey conducted in 2012. The survey process has been carefully designed to be as efficient and effective as possible, building on learnings from previous years.

What is the purpose of Your Care Rating?

Your Care Rating is a sector-led initiative designed to give residents an opportunity to express their views about a range of issues in confidence. Results are used by providers and their care homes to drive service improvement and ensure residents’ voices are heard. The survey also allows providers to benchmark their results against the results of others using the largest survey of care home residents in the country.

How does Your Care Rating work?

Your Care Rating uses a postal self-completion methodology. Each participating care home is sent a pack of paper questionnaires to be distributed among its residents. Each pack contains one questionnaire for every registered place to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to take part should they wish to do so. Residents send their completed questionnaires directly to Ipsos MORI to be processed, before results from the survey are made publically available in early 2019.

Who can take part?

Your Care Rating is a survey of care home residents. Many residents need support and assistance in completing questionnaires, and this may be given by relatives, friends or volunteers – but not care staff – provided that they understand that it is the resident’s views that must be represented. A separate survey of relatives and friends is being piloted this year by some providers. 

The survey includes care homes that primarily serve older people (aged 65+). However, where younger adults live in such care homes, they are also included in the survey. It is important that all residents living within a care home covered by the survey are given the opportunity to provide views and feedback.

Your Care Rating covers care homes in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It will therefore apply to care homes registered with Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales, Care Inspectorate (Scotland) and the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (Northern Ireland) in addition to the Care Quality Commission.

How do you make sure that everyone who wants to take part can take part?

All residents living in participating care homes should be given the opportunity to complete the questionnaire if they are able (verbally or by sign) to give their informed consent to take part. Care home staff are required to use their professional judgement and knowledge of the individual to assess whether this is possible.

The survey process has been designed to give care homes time to assess informed consent on more than one occasion if necessary. This is to allow residents the greatest opportunity to take part. The survey also provides care homes with picture help cards, designed to provide extra assistance to those residents who would benefit from pictorial stimuli when taking part in the survey.

How do you ensure that results from the survey are robust?

The survey has been designed to be as robust and rigorous as possible. A pilot survey was conducted at the start of the process to understand the best way of getting residents’ feedback, and the questionnaire underwent a detailed cognitive testing process to ensure residents are able to understand and engage with the questions they are asked.

Providers are required to enter all of their care homes into the survey to ensure transparency and to give all residents a chance to have their say.

On completion of fieldwork, Ipsos MORI conducts a validation process to ensure that care homes have administered the survey correctly and adhered to the process. Results are then hosted on the public-facing Your Care Rating website for homes receiving five or more responses both to ensure resident anonymity and robustness of the survey data.

The Your Care Rating survey results are an objective measure of care quality – as perceived and experienced by residents. It has been established to promote quality and continuous improvement, and to provide better information for consumers. By participating in the survey and publishing results, care providers are aligning their organisation with these objectives and may therefore use our quality mark “Committed to Quality”.

Are residents’ responses kept confidential?

Being able to provide feedback in confidence is an essential part of Your Care Rating, and the survey has been designed to ensure that residents are able to give their honest opinions about their experiences of living in their care home.

Each resident is given their own questionnaire to complete in their own time. They are also given a pre-paid envelope to send the survey back to us directly. Residents are not required to identify themselves through their responses, and it will not be possible to identify any individual resident in the results. All returned questionnaires are treated in the strictest confidence.

Ipsos MORI is a member of the Market Research Society (MRS) and abides by its Code of Conduct. No individual responses will be passed onto any third party.

Why should residents take part?

Your Care Rating gives residents a genuine voice. Results for all care homes receiving five or more responses are published on the Your Care Rating website, accessible to members of the general public. The vast majority of providers who took part in the 2015 survey acted on the responses to survey findings, with many developing specific action plans for care homes based on what its residents said about their experiences.

My friend or relative is taking part in the survey – where can I find more information?

If your relative or friend is helping you or another resident take part in the Your Care Rating survey, please speak to care home staff about how they can help. They will be able to provide you with further guidance on the survey and the assistance that can be provided by relatives, friends or volunteers. 

Some providers are also carrying out a survey of relatives and friends, which is conducted separately alongside the survey of residents. If you or a relative or friend have received a questionnaire and have any questions, you can contact the Your Care Rating team directly by email at